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The Bag

Ideal for a city shopping, to the beach, or simply instead of a handbag – a great companion for every occasion. This bag was created with love by printintin, online printing house. By purchasing it you will help us break the taboo that’s connected to ostomy and educate people.



Story of the bag:

The NEJSEMTABU fabric bag, with an orginal motive of ostomy bag, has been designed by printintin and produced by MYJÓMI, cooperative of invalids – imployer of disabled people. The fabric is strong, ready to carry heavier shopping. As a bonus you will find a handy bag inside, which can be used for keys or simply as a cover for the folded bag.

Thanks to your help we can continue on helping ostomy patients with their everyday life.


Design: printintin

Made by: MYJÓMI, cooperative of invalids – imployer of disabled people

Další informace

Hmotnost 0.110 kg
Rozměry 40 × 40 cm

100% organic cotton