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The Rehab Tee

Born to do good. An omnipotent message connected to our unique T-shirt, which came to life thanks to NEJSEMTABU and PROJECT REHAB cooperation.

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Story of the tee:

Two life long friends, Tereza Nagyová and Katka Maršounová, decided to join forces and spread energy and hope to all ostomates through selling charity T-shirts.

Every piece is hand made and designed with love – that’s why it’s so unique. Each brush stroke symbolises scars and physical imperfections on patients‘ bodies after a surgery. The location is not randomly chosen, it symbolises on one of the potential ostomy site.

By purchasing this T-shirt you will help us spread the word and ease soul healing for ostomy patients.

Design, Made by: Project Rehab

Package: A-ASKA grafik s.r.o. (imployer of disabled people)

Další informace

Hmotnost 0.300 kg

100% organic cotton

Velikost S

Chest circumference – 102 cm, T-shirt length – 78 cm, Sleeve length – 21,5 cm

Velikost M

Chest circumference – 108 cm, T-shirt length – 80 cm, Sleeve length – 21,5 cm

Velikost L

Chest circumference – 114 cm, T-shirt length – 82 cm, Sleeve length – 22,5 cm

Velikost XL

Chest circumference – 120 cm, T-shirt length – 84 cm, Sleeve length – 22,5 cm

Velikost XXL

Chest circumference – 162 cm, T-shirt length – 86 cm, Sleeve length – 23,5 cm