LIGHTHOUSE Wine, 0.7 l

Discover light and just 10% wine with a mineral undertone and juicy acid accompanied with pleasant additive sugar. Just thanks to Riesling acid, the wine can appear dy although it’s marked as semi-dry and is a Mosela area typical product. As the wine matures, the acid disappears, the wine gets round and there will be typical Riesling kerosene tones.


30 skladem


Story of the wine: The wine enterprise owner, Mrs Analise Kettern, has been bound to bed for more than twenty-five years and dependent on her family’s help. The wine enterprise is therefore run by her son, but Mrs Kettern is still actively involved in running the business and she has decided to support Revenium with a special limited edition.

graphics: Beata Mitrengová
made by: Lothar Kettern wine house, Mosela Piesporter Goldtropfchen

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