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The Get Soon Back On Your Feet Card

Have you ever been in a situation, where your close friend or a relative was sick and you wanted to show them, how much you think of them, but had no idea how to do it? That’s why we created our motivational card! All you need to do is write down a couple of encouraging words and for sure you will create a smile on the face of somebody, who really needs it 😊



Story of the card:

The reason why we decided to produce gift cards for patients was simply because we know how they feel. The cover of our card includes a motivational quote supported by a lovely graphic design by printintin, online printing house. The high quality paper has a mate finnish with recycled strings. Every card contains a natural style paper envelope.

Thanks to your help we can continue on helping ostomy patients with their everyday life.

Design: printintin

Made by: printintin

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Hmotnost 0.011 kg
Rozměry 14.8 × 10.5 cm



250 g